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A heart of every beer lover shivered at the sight of hundreds of liters of beer spilled in the middle of the road, especially on such a hot summer day. Thousands of broken bottles, dozens of overturned boxes and beer head on hot asphalt – these were the effects of the accident that occurred on Tuesday afternoon in Prudnik, Poland.

The Poviat Police Headquarters in Prudnik reported on its social media site that on Tuesday, at 5 pm in Prudnik, an improperly secured load fell from the truck during transport. Hundreds of bottles containing beer were scattered, making a roundabout blocked for several hours.

Such a situation is a warning for every carrier and a reminder that in a situation when an accident has to be removed from a damaged load – it is worth having appropriate clauses in the liability coverage (e.g. cleaning up the damage remnants, rendering damage remnants).

Photo: Police Prudnik/Facebook



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