Customs officers haven’t seen such driving licenses yet, or how one Romanian wanted to enter Poland

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Lithuanian border services stopped a Romanian citizen near the border with Poland, during the inspection, showed the so-called fantasy document – a non-existent model of an international driving license. Interestingly, the document contained the United States markings and inscriptions in several languages, including Polish.

On 12 March, Lithuanian border guards stopped for control a vehicle with Polish registration numbers heading towards Poland on the road Kaunas-Suwałki, near the border crossing Budzisko-Kalvarija.. A 37-year-old Romanian driver presented for inspection the vehicle registration documents and the international driving license, which immediately aroused the interest of officers.

It turned out that the driving license was not issued in any particular country, although it “pretended” to be an international one, issued in the United States. The guards also explained that the driver never had the authority to drive any means of transport.

Penalty for forgery of documents

For driving a vehicle without authorisation, the Romanian received a fine of EUR 300. However, this is not the end of the consequences for the “creative” driver. In connection with forgery and the use of false documents, a pre-litigation procedure was initiated against the Romanian. The man may be sentenced to up to 4 years in prison.