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Czech police have come up with a new solution to catch drivers who break the law. They will use special fieldscopes thanks to which they can observe the car from a distance of one kilometer!

Czech law enforcement officers will now be equipped with Nikon Monarch 82ED-A fieldscope included with the Nikon 1 J5 camera. Thanks to such a large range, police officers will be able to observe, among others if the person has fastened seatbelts, uses a mobile phone or navigation app while driving.


According to the police, the biggest advantage of the new equipment is that allows for anonymity. Drivers will have no idea that the officers are watching them from such a big distance. Those who break the law will be punished.


The telescope shows the image from a distance of one kilometer thanks to the multiple zooms. The policeman can bring the image thirty to sixty times closer. Therefore, some offenses can be documented with great certainty. In addition, the telescope is also equipped with a recording device, so the patrol can immediately record the offense and show it to the driver.


Czech police chose this specific model to suit field work.

The MONARCH Fieldscope is ideal for any outdoor activity, as it’s waterproof and fog-free, it is also robust and durable in all weathers,” – reads the manufacturer’s website.

For the time being, the police are equipped with six fieldscopes. The cost of one is about EUR 1,450.




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