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Czech Republic to include CO2 emissions in road tolls from March

The Czech Republic will introduce significant changes to its road toll system. In line with EU regulations, tolls will include a charge for CO2 emissions.

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From 1 March 2024, the Czech Republic will introduce a new toll component that takes into account CO2 emissions for vehicles registered in the electronic toll system, which will apply to trucks over 3.5 tonnes.

The Czechs are thus implementing EU Directive 2022/362, according to which a new component will be charged to cover the costs caused by CO2 emissions when driving vehicles on toll roads in the Czech Republic.

Five emission classes

The Czechs will introduce five classes of CO2 emissions into the toll system. The highest rates will be charged for vehicles in CO2 emission class 1, while owners of vehicles in CO2 emission class 5, i.e. zero-emission vehicles, will pay the lowest rates.

The classification depends on the date of first registration of the vehicle.

Hauliers do not necessarily have to do anything. Initially, all vehicles will be classified in CO2 emission class 1, which, according to preliminary estimates, is more than 90 per cent of all vehicles, says the Czech manager of the MYTO CZ toll system.

Vehicles with a first registration date before 1 July 2019 and all vehicles in categories M2 and M3 (buses) will not be eligible for inclusion in a higher CO2 emission class (2-5). Their operators do not need to take any action, with the exception of vehicles powered by clean electricity and hydrogen, as these fall into CO2 emission class 5.

Owners of vehicles with a first registration date after 1 July 2019 are advised to check the manufacturer’s vehicle documentation (COC, CIF) and then use the CO2 emission class calculator at This will allow them to check whether they are entitled to re-register in a better CO2 emission class with a lower toll rate.