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In recent weeks, Czech services have been inspecting foreign drivers for compliance with the provisions on posting. It turns out that it is mainly Western truckers who do not comply with them.

On 1 April this year, the Czechs introduced provisions on the posting of workers, which also apply to foreign drivers. According to them, the driver must be in possession of documents confirming their employment (a contract of employment or a similar contract concluded between the posted employee and the employer) translated into Czech, as well as an A1 certificate.

In October, controls of foreign drivers on compliance with the aforementioned regulations began. According to the information provided to the Polish Transport Union by the Czech transport union CESMAD, for the time being the controls result only in reminders. The fine provided by the Czechs for the lack of the required documents may amount to as much as 500,000 Czech crowns (about 83 thousand zlotys).

Control results

The results of the Czech services’ actions are provided by the Polish Chamber of Shipping and Logistics (PISiL).

According to their statement, „the authorities of the Czech Republic have shown that carriers from Western Europe do not comply with the principles of the Directive on the posting of workers.”

As emphasised by the Chamber, the aim of the initiative of the Czechs was, among other things, to prove to the Western countries that they do not comply with the provisions on posting in their current form. Making them even more restrictive is not the right path, as the ineffectiveness of the existing regulations is primarily due to the lack of their enforcement.

Editor’s comment:

Once again, the West has shown that the tightening of the provisions on posting does not result from terrible working conditions for drivers and the desire to improve them, but rather from their fight against Eastern competition. Disregarding the national regulations of one of the EU members while introducing stricter rules at the EU level is the next step towards the pinnacle of hypocrisy.


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