D’Agostino SRL: ‘Investing in intermodality pays off’

The European rail freight sector is facing challenging times, with many companies struggling to remain viable. Despite this, some companies are thriving, like D’Agostino SRL, an Italian transport company that has seen significant growth in its rail modal share, thanks to its focus on intermodality. “Currently, over 70 percent of our sales come from intermodal products, with steady growth over the past three years,” the company stated.

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This growth in D’Agostino’s rail modal share has not only led to economic benefits but also aligns with broader environmental objectives. A significant aspect of rail freight, often overlooked, is its potential to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. According to a study by the Association of American Railroads (AAR), shifting just 25 percent of truck traffic moving over 750 miles to rail could decrease annual greenhouse gas emissions by approximately 13.1 million tonnes. This is the equivalent of removing 2.6 million cars from the road or planting nearly 200 million trees. If the shift increases to 50 percent, the emissions could reduce by about 26.2 million tonnes. This highlights the immense potential of rail freight, like that of D’Agostino SRL’s operations, in contributing to a more sustainable future.

The company’s core business involves the intermodal transportation of cranable semi-trailers from Italy to the UK and the Benelux countries, primarily through routes such as Verona-Cologne, Novara-Zeebrugge, and Macon-Calais. In December 2023, D’Agostino completed a project replacing the last non-cranable trailers in collaboration with CTE Trailer and Krone, reinforcing its commitment to a more efficient and environmentally friendly operation. The company’s future investments for 2024 focus on managing only cranable semi-trailers and enhancing its multimodal service.” We decided to focus on intermodal transport to meet our customers’ increasing demands for more sustainable logistics solutions,” said Giampiero D’Agostino. D’Agostino’s collaborations with major players like Mercitalia, Hupac, and VIIA in France are pivotal in overcoming logistical challenges and advancing environmentally conscious rail transport.


D’Agostino SRL

Founded in 1989 by Carmine D’Agostino, the company has grown significantly under the leadership of Vincenzo and Giampiero D’Agostino. The establishment of SC D’Agostino Autotrasporti in Romania in 2012 marked a significant step in its international expansion. The company’s investment program for combined transport services, started in 2017, is set to continue until 2026, indicating its long-term commitment to growth and sustainability. In conclusion, D’Agostino SRL’s successful integration of economic growth with environmental responsibility showcases the potential of intermodality in the rail freight sector. The company’s strategies and future plans resonate with the broader industry’s move towards sustainable and efficient freight transport solutions.