Daimler’s Sideguard Assist system will soon include auto braking functionality

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Daimler’s Sideguard Assist system is expected to include automatic braking functionality for right-hand drive vehicles in June of this year.

Launched by Mercedes-Benz Trucks in 2016, Sideguard Assist is an assistance system that gives drivers advance warning of an impending collision. Starting with the upcoming generation, Daimler says Sideguard Assist will also be able to bring trucks to a stop independently.

In a statement, Daimler cited research by insurers that estimates 60% of all serious accidents between trucks and cyclists could be avoided with such a system. Ideally, the German manufacturer believes the system could reduce the number of related fatalities by around one third and the number of seriously injured by more than 40%.

Following a decision by the EU Commission, Sideguard Assist systems will be mandatory for all new trucks in 2024.

Stefan Buchner, former Head of Mercedes-Benz Trucks, believes the the system will reduce the number of accidents significantly:

Our safety assistance systems significantly help prevent accidents, so our aim is to get them on the road in large numbers. If we now automatically equip every new Actros with our state-of-the-art emergency braking assistant, their numbers will continue to grow, automatically, with every new truck.

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Photo credit: Daimler Trucks