Dashboard information on the windshield with a real-time map? Huawei says it’s possible

Huawei has presented its latest augmented reality head-up display (AR-HUD) solution at the 2021 International Motor Show Germany (IAA MOBILITY 2021). The solution turns the front windshield into a first-person view (FPV) display that integrates advanced technologies to deliver both safety and infotainment functions, creating an all-new driving experience.

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As a small device featuring large-frame UHD display, Huawei AR-HUD displays dashboard information, provides AR navigation, supports safe assisted driving, optimizes prompts for night vision/rain-fog conditions, as well as delivering entertainment content.

Entertainment, Rich Information Display

Huawei AR-HUD enables over 100 PPD full-HD display and provides a bright, high-contrast, and undistorted image. The front passenger (or the driver when the vehicle is parked) can have an immersive experience with HD videos, video calls and games.

More importantly, by combining points of interest (POIs) on a real-scene map, the AR-HUD displays information about parking lots, restaurants, shopping malls, cinemas, and gas stations in real-time, creating a high-tech offer for its users.

Huawei AR-HUD is compact (only 10 L) and features a large FOV. Its high FOV-to-volume ratio allows it to adapt to multiple vehicle models. Traditional HUD usually causes ghosting and dizziness. To address this problem, Huawei uses a unique optical path design and algorithm technologies to improve definition and eliminate dizziness caused by ghosting, significantly enhancing the user experience.