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The life and work of drivers inspired the world of advertising on numerous occasions. Another example of this is the Japanese „decotora”, a truck decorated with lots of luminous elements. The owner of one of them, the trucker Kazuya Sekino, has become the hero of an ad of the new model of the iPhone Xs from Apple.

In the ad entitled „Lady Misaki”, the Japanese talks about combining his passion for trucks with helping others in need. In the clip, which is part of the „Shot on iPhone” marketing campaign, a trucker travels the road in a colourful truck telling his story. Kazuya is proud of his truck and how he managed to decorate it. The driver says that „decotora” is not only a subculture, but also a community of truckers who want to help and volunteer, for example during earthquakes. Then they work together to prove help to the most needy.

Decotoras – decoration trucks

The Japanese „decotora” trucks are works of art. They are painted and decorated with neon lights and extremely shiny chrome or gold components. Entire families spend months painting the trucks. Cost of decorating one vehicle can amount to 150,000 dollars. The trucks require extra generators due to the abundance of bulbs. The lights can be fully turned on only for about 20 min before they start to overheat.



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