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Deutsche Bahn initiates sale of DB Schenker

Deutsche Bahn AG has commenced the sale process for its subsidiary, DB Schenker. The company's official statement emphasizes that the sale ”must have apparent economic advantages for Deutsche Bahn in all respects.”

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While it has significantly contributed to Deutsche Bahn’s economic expansion, the subsidiary now requires additional capital and operational flexibility to foster its own growth trajectory. The proceeds from the sale, which Deutsche Bahn plans to retain, will predominantly serve to alleviate debt.

This strategic divestiture aligns with Deutsche Bahn’s vision of consolidating efforts on its core business and advancing the execution of the Strong Rail strategy. This move follows previous divestitures of business units in foreign markets, marking a significant step in Deutsche Bahn’s pursuit of a more streamlined focus.

DB Schenker boasts a leading presence in various industry segments including land, air, and ocean freight. With a workforce of approximately 76,600 spread across over 1,850 locations spanning more than 130 countries, the company ranks among the top global logistics providers.