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DHL and E.ON partner to expand charging infrastructure for electric lorries in Germany

International parcel courier DHL Group and energy provider E.ON have announced a collaboration to accelerate the electrification of heavy goods vehicles in Germany. The partnership will see E.ON install fast-charging stations specifically designed for electric trucks at DHL locations across the country.

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Under the agreement, E.ON will handle the entire process, from the planning and construction of the charging stations and transformers to their ongoing operation and maintenance. These stations will be strategically located at DHL’s loading docks and outdoor parking spaces, ensuring efficient charging for electric trucks during their daily operations.

The charging infrastructure will be tailored to the specific needs of commercial vehicles. E.ON will develop innovative solutions such as overhead cable guidance systems to facilitate effortless charging even in confined spaces. Importantly, the partnership will extend beyond DHL’s own fleet, with access to the charging stations being offered to their service partners, including fleet operators and transportation companies.

This initiative aligns with DHL Group’s wider sustainability strategy, emphasising offering its partners climate-friendly solutions. The goal is to optimise customer supply chains for reduced emissions and minimal environmental impact.

“Electrifying our fleet, particularly heavy commercial vehicles, is a crucial step towards our goal of achieving a sustainable logistics chain,” said Andreas Mündel, Senior Vice President Strategy & Operation Programs at DHL Group. “We are pleased to partner with E.ON to expand charging infrastructure for both our company and our partners.”

E.ON acknowledges the challenges of electrifying large commercial fleets but emphasises its commitment to finding optimal solutions that meet both operational needs and sustainability objectives. 

“The switch to electric mobility is essential for reducing emissions in the transport and logistics sector,” stated Mathias Wiecher, Chief Commercial Officer of E.ON Drive. “We are excited to collaborate with DHL on this project and actively contribute to transforming the logistics landscape.”