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DHL Supply Chain started equipping employees in its logistics centres around the world with second-generation Google Glass smart glasses. These devices use AR (Augmented Reality) technology to help streamline and accelerate shipment preparation. 

The introduction of the latest generation of smart glasses is part of DHL Supply Chain’s digital strategy. The operator is one of the first customers to implement the new Google Glass. 

Benefits of this solution

Google Glass is to provide support in the process of picking in warehouses. The use of augmented reality technology in warehouses clearly contributes to increased accuracy, productivity and efficiency of the picking process. 

Importantly, picking with smart glasses is intuitive and hands-free, which is appreciated by distribution hub employees. In addition, the latest generation offers extended battery life, faster processor and reduced charging time.

DHL has already started testing smart glasses in the United States and Europe in 2015. Currently, Smart Glass is the standard equipment of the company’s logistics centres.

Photo: DHL


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