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In the coming year, DHL customers will be able to send their shipments to the Moon. As you can easily guess, the shipping costs exceed standard fees.

DHL, in cooperation with the American company Astrobotic, will offer shipments to the moon. From next year on, it will be possible to send small souvenirs up there to commemorate, for example, school-leaving, holidays, marriage, the birth of a child or a loved one. Astrobotic offers its customers the opportunity to send a ring, a baby’s handprint, a hair strand, sand from their favourite beach, a love letter or company logo.

Anyone can send a so-called MoonBox into space. The smallest package has a diameter of 30 cm and the shipping fee starts from $460. Sending the largest MoonBox to the moon will cost $25,800.

Objects that use electricity, contain an energy source or send or receive data are excluded from transport to the moon.

At the beginning of next year, the Peregrine space shuttle, taking DHL shipments on its way, will land on the moon.

Photo credit @ DHL


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