DHL to serve Vitesco's 12 European sites as central logistics provider - photo credits @ DHL

DHL to serve Vitesco’s 12 European sites as central logistics provider

Vitesco Technologies, a developer of sustainable powertrain technologies, has announced a strategic partnership with DHL Supply Chain to optimise logistics across its twelve European sites.

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The agreement, effective March 2024, designates DHL as Vitesco’s Lead Logistics Partner (LLP). Under the partnership, DHL’s Centre of Excellence in Warsaw, Poland, will centrally manage the flow of goods for approximately one-third of Vitesco’s total freight volume, representing around 100,000 movements within the supply chain.

Sustainability, resilience and efficiency are our top priorities in logistics, said Thomas Kirchermeier, Head of Supply Chain Management at Vitesco Technologies. This partnership with DHL Supply Chain is a key step towards our goal of achieving CO2-neutral operations by 2040.

DHL, as LLP, will leverage its expertise and network to combine Vitesco’s freight with that of other companies, creating cost-effective and environmentally friendly solutions. This will include utilising the most efficient carriers, potentially consolidating previously separate deliveries, and increasing the use of low-emission transport options like electric vehicles, which aligns with both companies’ sustainability goals.

Pilot projects have already demonstrated significant synergies through this integrated approach, said Hendrik Venter, CEO of DHL Supply Chain Europe, Middle East & Africa. We aim to further minimise emissions, improve efficiency, and strengthen supply chain resilience in the coming years.