Difficulties on an important route in Belgium for more than 2 months

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Maintenance works will be carried out near Beringen in north-east Belgium (province of Limburg) on the European route E313 linking Anvers to Liège. In the next few weeks, drivers should expect traffic obstructions there.

A The 2.3-kilometre stretch of pavement will be replaced on the E313 near Beringen. 

In the first phase (from June 19 to August 1), work will be carried out on the roadway towards Antwerp. Then, from September 1 to 15, the surface will be replaced on the roadway towards Lummen. This means that just one roadway will be available, i.e. one lane in each direction. There will also be a speed limit on the repaired section, according to the Belgian association Febetra.

The slip road towards Antwerp will be closed from Saturday evening June 20 to Saturday morning August 1.

The exit to Beringen/Paal (in the opposite direction) will be closed to traffic from the evening of Friday, July 31 to the morning of September 14 (Monday).

Photo: Wikimedia / Rossano CC BY-SA 3.0