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Digital forwarder Instafreight begins selling its assets

Zipmend GmbH, based in Hamburg, has acquired the forwarding business of the digital forwarding company Instafreight. According to a press release dated May 23, 2024, the Hamburg service provider Zipmend Express is taking over a segment of Instafreight GmbH's customer base, specifically the 3PL spot market business, where customers can secure transport services at daily prices.

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Instafreight assures that its existing customers will experience a seamless transition to Zipmend’s digital platform. 

Philipp Ortwein, Managing Director of Instafreight GmbH, commented on the acquisition, stating, “With Zipmend Express, we have found a strong partner who can continue to offer our customers high-quality spot market transport services. I am confident that customers will benefit from Zipmend Express’s expertise and reliable service.”

Dr. Philipp Hackländer, the insolvency administrator for Instafreight GmbH, remarked that Zipmend Express’s acquisition of the spot market business represents a positive outcome for all parties involved, ensuring the continuation of transport services for customers and sensible utilization of Instafreight GmbH’s assets.

For those not familiar with Instafreight’s recent history, the company entered administration at the end of 2023, leading to a temporary discontinuation of its own forwarding business in the spot market area (3PL). The Transport Management (4PL) segment was nonetheless unaffected. 

The company experienced financial difficulty due to the withdrawal of an investor, leaving it in search of new backers or potential buyers.

As for Zipmind , it is a German freight forwarding company specialising in express, freight forwarding and courier services throughout Europe.

The company offers a variety of transport options to meet different needs, including same-day express delivery for shipments up to 1.2 tonnes. It also offers less-than-truckload (LTL) and full truckload (FTL) services for heavier goods up to 12 and 24 tonnes respectively.

Zipmind reportedly handles around 5,000 shipments per month across Europe and operates profitably without the need for external funding.