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German police officers were shocked to notice how a truck was fixed by using glue and sticky tape. Not just its side mirrors and front lights, but even the top sleeper pod.

Last Thursday, German police officers in Koblenz spotted a truck from a south-eastern European company on the A3 motorway that was losing speed significantly on slight slopes.

The vehicle was stopped on suspicion of being overloaded. However, 7.5 ton truck was empty and the driver was on his way to his next loading point.

The inspection of the vehicle’s on-board electronics finally revealed that the exhaust system was faulty, which resulted in reduced engine performance.

In addition to a large number of technical defects, such as broken exterior mirrors and defective lighting devices, which were only repaired using sticky tape, worn steering parts and a considerably low level of motor oil was found.

Also, the front bumper on the right-hand side broke out of the fastenings due to an accident and was only fastened with a cord.

What the police officers found particularly disturbing was the top sleeper. Even from the outside, it was clearly visible that the sealing seams were unprofessionally made. A flap was installed above the driver’s seat through which one could get into the sleeping cabin. Apparently, both the hatch and the sleeping cabin had been retrofitted.

The inspectors searched in vain for permanent fastenings. The top sleeper pod was apparently only held in place by larger amounts of adhesive.

Investigations at a specialist workshop finally revealed that the truck was actually changed in an unprofessional way. The vehicle was originally built and delivered without a sleeping cabin.

Continuing the journey was prohibited and will only be permitted again when the defects have been remedied. Both the driver and the company were reported and had to provide security deposits.

Photo credits @ Rhineland-Palatinate Police


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