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DKV, a company that offers transport companies cashless purchases in European countries, has recently significantly expanded its network, including in Poland, Germany, Austria and Italy. Drivers can use the DKV card at 730 additional stations.

The company operates dynamically in European countries, where it decided to expand its range. In Germany, 150 Aral stations were added to the DKV network. In total, this results in over 13,000 in the entire country.

At the end of October, the DKV network in Austria was also expanded. A further 77 points have been added to the service stations accepting the DKV card. The stations are located in Styria, Carinthia, Burgenland, Upper Austria, and Lower Austria. Thanks to this, drivers can use the card in 1411 points, which is half of all petrol stations in this country.

In Italy, 200 points of Eni stations were added to the company’s network. A total of 7407 stations accept payment by DKV card.

Another country where the company expanded its activity Switzerland. The DKV card was accepted at 175 TamOil stations. Overall, 521 petrol stations accept payment by DKV card.

In Poland, 120 fuel stations including Lotos, Moya, Uniwar, Citronex and Eko Tank have been added to the DKV network. As the company assures – the stations included in the offer are located on the most important routes and in border areas. In Poland, 4141 points accept payment by DKV card.

All new stations can be searched via the „DKV” mobile application or on the device intended for route planning „DKV Maps”.

Photo: DKV Euro Service


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