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Silvia Aste from an early age dreamed of becoming a truck driver just like her dad. When she was young, she would go on tour with him to enjoy the time spent together and to feel the excitement of an adventure. The Italian is now 23 years old and has recently fulfilled her childhood dream.

A girl who, at the age of several years, traveled with her father in a truck across Europe, is now an adult woman and has fulfilled her dream of working behind a truck wheel two years ago.

Silvia Aste, like her father Paolo, makes a living by driving around Europe – we read in the Italian newspaper „L’Adige”.

„Always aim high”

When she was small, Silvia was told: „always aim high”. And she followed these words, fulfilling her dream of a job in which she fell in love when she was only a few years old.

Silvia obtained her driving license as soon as it was possible – at the age of 21. She started driving a truck a month before her 21st birthday. Silvia’s mother was not happy about her youngest daughters’ choice of profession, but her father, the owner of the transport company, is proud.

When asked if she is satisfied with the choice she made, she admits that yes, although the work can be tiring. Silvia works 13-15 hours a day: „during the week you have to forget about your life outside the truck” – she says in an interview for „L’Adige”. However, always after a few days off, the girl longs for life behind the wheel.


What is the driver’s job for her?

Every day is like conquering the world to me. Every day I watch the sunrise in a different place. I think I would not have this opportunity in a factory or office. Some of us are nomads” – adds the 23-year-old.



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