Driver First Assist’s campaign for cheaper defibrillators: a heart re-starting revolution

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Driver First Assist in the United Kingdom has moved one step closer to achieving its pledge to provide an automated external defibrillator (AED) at a fraction of the cost of existing products. Will you join the Revolution and help them save over 5,000 lives every year?

DFA is a non-profit organisation, created and working in partnership with the emergency services, training drivers to deliver life-saving first aid before the emergency services reached the scene. The organisation aims to relay accurate information, ensure the right help arrives in the shortest possible time so that incidents are dealt with effectively. This efficiency also means that the sooner every vehicle on the spot can move again, the smaller the loss of traffic congestion cost to the UK economy (which is around £16 billion per annum).

DFA has initially targeted the road transport industry, offering incentives on DFA training courses, designed to count as Driver CPC modules, together with other rewards targeted at individual first-aiders.

Photo: Driver Assist First Facebook page

Now, Driver First Assist has launched a crowd-funding appeal, which can be seen HERE. Working with a well-established medical equipment manufacturer, DFA developed a defibrillator which is 80% cheaper than current options. Instead of the average cost of £1000, they will offer defibrillators for only £220.

The automated external defibrillator carries the CE marking ( „Conformité Européenne”  – French for „European Conformity”) and fully complies with EN 60601 Regulations.

Photo: Driver Assist First Facebook page