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Lack of parking spaces is an eternal headache for the truck drivers traveling across Europe. How to deal with it? All you need is a suitable phone app.

Truck drivers fight each day for a parking space to take a rest break. Ideally, the parking lot should be well lit, safe, and enable the drivers to take a shower, use wi-fi, and have a hot meal. Unfortunately, the reality and poor infrastructure often force them to spend breaks in places where parking is not even allowed (i.e. parking at supermarkets, or access roads to cities).

Large transport companies, such as Duhabex, have their bases in various European countries where drivers spend their rest time. Such enterprises and employees are not affected by lack of parking spaces. However, there are forwarding and transport companies that deal with the organization of a parking space for the driver. It also happens that employers intervene only in case of problems on the route.

Drivers organize parking themselves. In case of problems, they inform us and then we deal with the organization of places for them „- says Piotr Magdziak from MagTrans.

Necessity is the mother of invention

How to avoid the stress associated with searching for a place for a rest break and at the same time relieve the carrier and forwarder? All you need is a simple and free solution. It is TransParking, a free application that in a few seconds shows the nearest parking lots for trucks.

What does TransParking offer?

The application displays free parking spaces for trucks and allows users to report live if spots are taken. Thanks to it, you can plan your route by finding parking lots for trucks. TransParking will immediately prompt the next available parking lot as soon as the tachograph „calls” for a break.

The application also provides information on amenities (such as shower, toilet, wi-fi) and security (protection, cameras) offered by a specific parking lot.

Tens of thousands of users

The Application has already been downloaded by 36 thousand drivers who create the TransParking community, constantly build the application base by adding new ones, commenting on and assessing parking lots (there are more than 25 thousand available in the application).

When looking for a place to refuel, you can now choose from the most popular networks from Poland and abroad. This feature is extremely useful if the driver uses a single-brand fuel card. Similarly, there are also fast food restaurants – the app will allow you to find the nearest favorite restaurant.

Download the application HERE

And how do you deal with searching for parking spaces?


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