Drivers create a website to help colleagues find the place of unloading

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Drivers create a website to help colleagues find the place of unloading

Sometimes it is difficult for drivers to get to the loading dock. It can be difficult to find an entrance gate or to understand the traffic rules of the facility. That’s why a group of drivers has created a service to help other truckers get to their destination without any problems and to deal with formalities.

On the Trucker Check In page you will learn about the rules of registration before unloading at various plants, container terminals and logistics centres.  The site is in Polish but don’t be afraid to use any translator extension in your browser. It is going to work brilliantly.

You will see maps of these places, with the entry and exit gates marked. You will find out how other drivers evaluated the welfare facilities offered there. You can “comment on about 30,000 locations, mainly in the European Union but also in the Americas,” reads the website.

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In the factory there is a maze of streets and loading and unloading areas, the biggest number is 826. So forget the navigation and switch to the printed map,” writes one of the drivers, evaluating the Roquette factory in Lestrem, France.

“After entering through the main gate, drive along by the warehouse, finally turn left and reach a continuous line. Then leave the vehicle and head to the drivers’ room for the CMR registration. There is one-way traffic in the logistics centre. After leaving the Amazon premises, you have to keep your speed very low due to the descent from a high mountain,” instructs another, describing the Amazon warehouse in Bad Hersfeld, Germany.

The service is primarily addressed to new drivers. It is thanks to the information it contains that they can learn about the registration process in different locations, not only in Europe. In theory, all this should be communicated to them by factory or warehouse employees. In practice, that’s not always the case. There is a language barrier, sometimes there are not enough maps or employees are not able to help with everything.

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I have personally experienced problems with registration in large factories in Germany and France. Every driver should get a printed map of the factory and follow it, unfortunately there were no maps and I had to improvise. I didn’t know which gate to enter and which to leave, where the truck scales are located, where the offices, toilets and shower are. The Polish, English and German loading registration forms were also unavailable,” recalls the originator of the website.

Once you have logged in to Trucker Check In, you can help create this unique guide. Describe, among other things, the rules governing loading and unloading, detailed location, visit and registration times, the rules that govern parking on the premises and the welfare facilities, if any.

Drivers to drivers

It is not the only tool with which drivers can help each other at work. Another example is the Transparking application, with which you can find a free parking space. Drivers can indicate how many spaces are available and assess the condition of the parking lots and their facilities.

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