Drivers’ hours: Sweden would give drivers 2 extra kms to do what they want

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The rules for tachographs might look like daunting chaos for some in the industry. The Swedish Agency for Economy and Regional Development regards drivers’ hours’ rules too complicated and not accurate enough. The Swedes estimate that as much as 80-90 percent of violations can result from ignorance and suggest a simple solution to help drivers.

The Swedish agency also found that there are no regulations that would make the day-to-day operation of trucks easier. Due to the current rules, it is often difficult to drive a truck to a car wash or a workshop. Truckers who want to park their vehicle in the parking lot or change their stopping point can also have problems with this. If you want to approach a business or do a private matter during the break, it becomes even more complicated, if not impossible.

And here comes the simple and very necessary solution from Sweden. The point is to enable drivers to drive up to two kilometres a day, even if the permissible working hours have already expired. This should not be sanctioned either. You would not need any special explanations for it and would therefore not have to be afraid of a fine. Each driver would simply have two additional kilometres for any purpose.

A similar system already works in the United States. No mileage limit can be covered after work for private purposes. Only the trailer has to stop. In Canada, there are up to 75 kilometres a day, which gives a lot of freedom of movement.

It is still difficult to say whether such a solution could come into force. Trans.INFO will follow the events in Sweden and keep you up to date.

Photo: Trans.INFO