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The Japanese transport giant Yamato Holdings and the American manufacturer of commercial and military helicopters Bell Helicopter will jointly create a new means of transport – an unmanned flying truck. The new drone will reach speeds of up to 160 km/h and will be able to deliver loads up to 450 kg.

The drone-truck will be a combination of the plane and the helicopter. The companies will construct a converter that can be lifted vertically like a helicopter and fly horizontally like an airplane. This will allow the machine to maneuver practically in any conditions, as it will not need a landing pad or runway.

The solution to the lack of professional drivers

The first prototype of a flying truck will be tested already in August 2019 and go on sale in 2020. As the producers say, the need to build an unmanned flying vehicle results from … the lack of professional drivers!

Bell Helicopter is responsible for the aviation part of the project, and Yamato Holdings – for creating a freight container, thanks to which it will be possible to load and transport goods to the place of unloading without human intervention. Manufacturers say that the drone will perform well in short-haul transport, for example in domestic transport.

Photo: Bell Helicopter


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