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Special frames, designed by Polish designers from FM LOGISTIC, facilitate the transport by allowing you to place one pallet on top of another, loaded with irregularly shaped products. They were recognised in a prestigious competition.

Placing pallets one on top of another is normal in transport. However, it is not always an easy task. The trouble arises when loaded pallets are unevenly shaped. DualFrame is a simple solution that makes the problem disappear. Its authors are designers from FM Logistic.

We began to work on the FM DualFrame project in May 2016. Our goal was to find a solution that would help us overcome the problem encountered by one of our clients, which were pallets loaded with goods that would not fit in the cars. We researched the solutions available on the market but they did not meet our expectations. That is why we started working on our own project. The first prototypes of the special frames were created on a platform in Wolbórz. They allow you to place one pallet on top of another one, loaded with irregularly shaped goods’, explains Tomasz Sęk, a Project Manager at the logistics centre in Wolbórz.

The second co-creator of the FM DualFrame prototype is Wacław Ronek, also an employee of the centre in Wolbórz. The project has already been implemented and brings tangible benefits to the company and its clients. The operator says that thanks to DualFrame he was able to reduce the number of kilometres driven during transport by about a quarter, and thus limit fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. For users, limiting damages to the transported goods is also of key importance.

zabezpieczenie palety DualFrame

Photo: FM Logistic

The pallet collars can be equipped with GPS devices that will facilitate the management of their traffic between company centres and goods delivery points.

DualFrame with a prize

The project was submitted to the Patent Office, and was also awarded the European Top Quality Guarantee Certificate. We are also in the process of obtaining a CE mark.

The FM DualFrame pallet collar has already achieved its first international success. It won the first edition of an international competition promoting innovative rationalization projects, organised by the FM Logistic Group. The final of the competition recently took place in Roissy, France. The designers assure that the DualFrame project will be further developed.

Photo: Pixabay/falco


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