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The Road transport Inspectorate in the Netherlands has continued its clampdown on companies violating drivers’ hours rules, fining two drivers and one transport company.

During checks conducted on the A1, incorrect tachograph values were detected in one of the trucks inspected.

As a consequence, the road transport company has been fined €10,375 and must cover the cost of a new tachograph installation. In addition, the two drivers using the truck were fined €1,500 and had their driver cards taken.

The aforementioned fines were administered roughly two weeks after the Human Environment and Transport Inspectorate (ILT) of the Netherlands tightened enforcement regarding drivers’ hours rules and tachograph fraud.

Until recently, the ILT looked at the violations since the last daily rest period and drivers were only fined for violations of the driving and rest times when caught in the act.

However, as of 1 February, the ILT has also given fines for serious violations of drivers’ hours’ regulations since the last weekly rest period. If a driver has committed a serious offence during this period, such as a shortened daily rest period, their employer risks being fined.

Last Monday, the European Register of Transport Companies (ERRU) also became active in the Netherlands.

Photo credit: Inspecteur Wegvervoer


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