2021 DVSA data shows Non-GB hauliers paid 9 times more in Fixed Penalty Notices

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Data released last week by the DVSA has revealed that in 2021, hauliers from outwith Great Britain collectively paid more than 9 times more in fixed penalty notices compared to their British counterparts.

2021 DVSA data shows Non-GB hauliers paid 9 times more in Fixed Penalty Notices
Photo: DVSA Enforcement / Twitter

The figures, available via UK Gov website, cover 2021 and previous years, and are split into vehicle categories among other things.

According to the DVSA data, Non-GB-registered HGVs were subject to over 25,500 mechanical checks – some 29% more than lorries registered in Great Britain.

Interestingly, the mechanical prohibition rate for non-GB HGVs was actually lower.

Mechanical checks Mechanical prohibitions issued Mechanical prohibition rate
GB 19794 3753 18.89%
Non-GB 25591 4297 16.79%

The DVSA figures also contain information regarding the amount of traffic checks and subsequent recordings of drivers’ hours rule breaches and general offences.

The 2021 stats show that the DVSA conducted almost double the amount of checks on non-GB registered lorries compared to trucks registered in Britain. Despite this, the offense prohibition rate was only marginally higher for non-GB trucks, while the drivers’ hours prohibition rate, believe it or not, was actually lower for non-GB HGVs.

Traffic checks Drivers’ hours prohibitions issued Drivers’ hours prohibition rate Offence prohibition Offence prohibition rate
GB 18767 392 2.09% 342 1.81%
Non-GB 35525 706 1.98% 805 2.27%

Overloads were also included in the figures. In this area, the prohibition rate for non-GB HGVs was marginally higher, while the gap between the amount of GB and Non-GB checks was significantly less than in other areas.

Weight checks Overload prohibitions issued Overload prohibition rate
GB 2740 766 27.99%
Non-GB 3178 933 29.47%

However, the most stand out disparity in the released figures concerns the total amount of fixed penalty notices.

Despite the fact that non-GB-registered trucks were checked almost twice as much, and had offence rate not overly higher then British-registered lorries, the total value of fixed penalty notices given to non-GB HGVs was over 9 times higher.

Fixed penalties Penalty amount
GB 2321 447,300
Non-GB 17208 4,087,200‬

This would appear to suggest that foreign-registered HGVs are given higher fines.

However, we have approached the DVSA for comment in order to clarify the matter and explain some of the disparities that exist regarding the number of roadside checks. Should the DVSA provide us with any update in relation to this we shall keep you posted.

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