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The officers of the British DVSA agency started a control campaign against AdBlue manipulation in trucks. The cheaters will have 10 days to remove the emulator.

From this week, truck inspections will be carried out at five permanent points scattered throughout the country. Their location is unknown. DSVA officers equipped with the appropriate diagnostic equipment, stop the trucks and check the SCR (selective catalytic reduction) system.

In 2017, between August and November, the agency controlled almost 4,000 trucks and in every twelfth, it identified the manipulation of the selective catalytic reduction system.

10 days to remove the emulator

If the officers identify a fraud, the driver or carrier has 10 days to remove the AdBlue emulator. If SCR system operation is not restored within this period, the culprit receives a fine of 300 pounds (around 330 euros) and the vehicle is immobilized.

So far, the inspections for these practices have been carried out in five locations. This year, their number will increase.

Penalties in Spain

A lot more severe sanctions for AdBlue manipulation are imposed by the Spaniards. Manipulating the mandatory emissions control system violates Law 34/2007 on air quality and environmental protection. And this can be punished with an economic sanction of up to 20,000 euros.

In May of this year, the police from Tudela imposed a fine of 9,000 euros on a lorry driver for manipulating the SCR system.

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