Photo credits @ DVSA Enforcement

DVSA seize HGV and fine trucker £1,500 over severe drivers’ hours offences

An HGV was removed from the road network in Staffordshire because the driver had severely breached drivers' hours regulations, reported the DVSA today.

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DVSA Enforcement officers checked an HGV on Thursday near Doxey, Staffordshire and found some shocking driving times records on the tachograph, reported the agency on Twitter.

The driver was on duty for more than 30 hours several times; there was an occasion when he was on duty for more than 37 hours!

No wonder, that the driver’s fortnightly driving time exceeded the permissible limit; it was 127.55 hours. And the current weekly rest was also insufficient.

As a consequence, DVSA Enforcement removed the vehicle from the road traffic and the driver was issued a £1,500 Fixed Penalty Notice for the offences, a DVSA representative told Trans.iNFO.