eBay delivers groceries, DHL expands, Google Shopping has new functions. E-commerce news by Nabil Malouli.

eBay delivers groceries, DHL expands, Google Shopping has new functions. E-commerce news by Nabil Malouli.

eBay delivers groceries, DHL expands, Google Shopping has new functions. E-commerce news by Nabil Malouli.

While Google Shopping continues to push into e-commerce through new functionalities, eBay goes into grocery delivery business, DHL expands the network of Packstation, UPS get drones approval for Campus deliveries & Alibaba shares Ambitious Plans!! Exciting times in Ecommerce!

Redesigned Google Shopping goes live!

Google push into commerce seems to be clearer. Following the merger of Google Express and google shopping, we are now seeing a clear path on the google strategy to compete with Amazon. With this platform redesign and integration of new tools like Google Lens, it looks like google is leveraging multiple solutions to compete effectively with established players. The Google Lens functionalities will give an interesting value proposition for shoppers (identification of clothes, inspiration & ideas) and also compete with experiences shoppers are currently having on other platforms such as Instagram & Pinterest.

Learn all the insider information HERE.

eBay goes into Fresh Food Delivery business with Coles

Coles has bolstered its partnership with online marketplace eBay, allowing shoppers to get a wide range of fresh and frozen food delivered to their door. Yes, Yes, Yes, eBay is also entering in the grocery online shopping. Grocery shopping is the fastest-growing category of product and no surprise everybody wants to be part of this. This partnership is also showing the evolving landscape of partnership between Digitally Native Companies (eBay) and Legacy Brick & Mortar Business (Coles) in order to compete for the heart of the Omnichannel customer.

Read further about the cooperation HERE.

DP DHL Group expansion of 7,000 Packstation by 2021

PickUp & DropOff location is a key component of the “future of commerce”. DHL Packstation extension to 7000 Self-service machines is showing the importance of these new solutions in markets where delivery companies can’t just drop packages in the front of consumer doors. While speed is key, Convenience is the 2nd most important aspect of a successful e-commerce logistics experience. Solutions such as Pack stations bring multiple benefits such as: 

Convenience to pick up or drop off (Return) a package at anytime

Ability to reroute a package to another location easily

Security as the lockers are very useful for high-value goods. 

Better consolidation for delivery companies which allow reducing costs.

The official announcement can be found HERE.

UPS gets government approval for drone fleet

While residential drone delivery is not yet a reality in the US market, this announcement from UPS is another step toward a consumer delivery experience by Drone. UPS is the first company to get full approval to operate a drone fleet to deliver packages. The major milestones with this approval are that UPS can now add other campus delivery projects without seeking government approvals for each one, these delivery services would be on hospital and college campuses at this stage.

Check out HERE what this approval really means.

Alibaba Introduces Five-Year Goals for China Consumer Business

Alibaba reveals their 5 years plan and it’s huge! When I lived in China, one thing that I learned was that our friends in China are always thinking long term in business and this gives them a significant edge in decision making and success. 

Alibaba plans to serve more than 1 billion active customers and realize more than USD 1.4 trillion in annual GMV by 2024. Together with approximately 130mn annual active consumers in its cross-border and global retail commerce business, Alibaba says it has approximately 860mn annual active consumers globally. This is Massive!!

You can find more details on Alibaba’s plan HERE.

The biggest mall owner in the US is going online

The biggest mall owner in the U.S., Simon Property Group, is teaming with online shopping site Rue La La’s parent company to launch a discounted merchandise online from numerous brands in one trip. When the biggest players of real estate invest in e-commerce online businesses, you know significant shifts are happening!!

Read more about the mall’s decision HERE.

StartUp of the week: India’s Udaan raises $585M to expand its B2B e-commerce platform

The rise of B2B e-commerce is projected to be double of B2C! Faster growth and also much bigger transactions volumes are expected in B2B. The valuation of Udaan at $2.3 Bln (after 3 years) shows that the momentum around B2B Ecommerce is shared by the investor’s community. Udaan plans to connect Kirana stores (neighbourhood stores), chemists and other small businesses with wholesalers and traders through it’s marketplace. The platform supports a wide range of categories from lifestyle, electronics, home and kitchen, staples and toys, to fruits and vegetables.

Check out the details HERE.

Nabil Malouli is VP, Global E-commerce for DHL Supply Chain where he leads the innovation, strategy and product development of its e-commerce fulfilment and last-mile solutions.

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