Since January 15 this year, Regensburg is an ecological zone. Only vehicles with the appropriate badge or special permission may enter the center.

In mid-January, the old town of Regensburg became an ecological zone. This is the fourth city in Bavaria, in which the authorities decided on such a solution. You cannot enter the city center of Munich, Augsburg or Neu-Ulm without the appropriate badge or special permit. All this to implement plans to keep the air clean.

The city will decide about granting special permits. If the vehicle cannot receive a badge due to the Euro class, the owner may apply for a special permit. You can get them, however, only if the car cannot be equipped with a system that reduces emissions. The permit is payable and issued for a maximum of one year.

Ecological zone is a barrier to transport

For the implementation of the plan to maintain clean air, ecological zones are a milestone. However, we would like to warn you of the bureaucratic barriers to urban supply in Regensburg, for which efficiently functioning transport is necessary,’ said Sabine Lehmann, president of the Bavarian LBS shippers’ union.

Photo: Wikimedia/Frank M. Rauch CCA-SA 3.0



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