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Last Thursday (20 August), the EU regulation on electronic goods transport information (eFTI) entered into force. It aims to reduce the administrative burden associated with the exchange of information on the carriage of goods.

According to the Regulation, by 2025 at the latest (by which time the Regulation should have been implemented in the Member States), carriers will be able to use electronic documents anywhere in the EU. Partially electronic exchange of information is to be possible as early as August 2024. The solution is intended to contribute to cutting red tape and simplifying administrative procedures for both authorities and transport operators. However, companies will still be able to use paper documents if they choose so.

The European Commission to develop technical standards

The European Commission now has 30 months to develop technical specifications, such as functional requirements for the eFTI platforms, and for data transmission, processing and protection. Member States will have another 30 months to set up the necessary electronic platforms to exchange information. 

How does eFTI compare to eCMR?

“The eFTI Regulation introduces new platforms only for the provision of information which are covered by the Regulation. E-CMR is not one of them, although it may overlap with the information on the platform,” explained the trans INFO editorial office of MEP Andor Deli, author of the report, following the adoption of the Regulation by the TRAN Commission in January this year.

Namely, the data contained in the e-CMR and the information required by the competent authorities to demonstrate compliance with the regulatory information requirements may be identical,” informed the office of the MEP.

In this case, e-CMR can play an important role as proof of compliance. On the other hand, the platform currently used for electronic consignment notes can be certified as an eFTI platform, provided that it meets the requirements set out in the Regulation. In this case, we have a universal platform that can be used in both e-CMR and eFTI,” explains Andor Deli’s office.

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