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A vlogger on the Tik Tok platform with almost 330,000 followers has slammed companies who don’t pay parking receipts, claiming they are one of the reasons for the driver shortage.

In a short clip that has received almost 400 positive reactions, Christian. J (who goes by the Tik Tok username of thebeardedegg) blasted companies who don’t pay for their drivers to park in a safe and secure place.

Keen to point out that some truckers are paying out of their own pocket to keep valuable loads secure, the popular vlogger made it clear that transport companies would be better off paying up:

I was talking to another driver earlier and he was telling me that his company do not pay for him to park. They will not pay his parking receipts. If he’s not in a snap park, they will not pay for it – even if the trailer is loaded. So if he wants to keep their cargo and their vehicle secure, he’s got to pay out of his own pocket. Otherwise, he’s on a trading estate to keep somebody else’s cargo secure. So if he’s on a trading estate because he doesn’t want to pay, or a layby, what if the load gets nicked? Tens of thousands of pounds worth of cargo gone!

Christian. J then went on to explain about the costs of having a fuel tank repaired or a trailer having its curtains slashed, before stressing in stark terms that situations like this are putting people off the trucking profession:

You’ve got a customer that might not use that company again because they’ve just had their stuff stolen. Their delivery’s not arrived. And what about all the mental trauma of the driver if he gets robbed at knifepoint or gunpoint because because he’s parked somewhere that’s not particularly safe. This is why people don’t want to do the f*cking job anymore. Because of sh*t like this!

Photo credit: Tik Tok / @thebeardedegg +  Philip Halling / Geograph UK


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