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EU approves €47.5 million Spanish scheme to support freight transport digitalisation

The European Commission has approved a €47.5 million Spanish scheme to support the digitalisation of freight transport services.

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The purpose of the measure is to promote the digitalisation and optimisation of logistics processes at ports and railway terminals; the implementation of technologies for the identification and traceability of rolling stock and intermodal transport units, and the overall optimisation of freight transport through data technologies, data governance and artificial intelligence.

The scheme is open to all freight transport operators and terminal operators active in Spain and will run until 31 December 2025.

Under the scheme, the support will take the form of direct grants.

“The Commission found that the scheme is necessary and proportionate to enhance transport coordination by ensuring a full-scale digital interoperability between the different freight transport networks, as well as among the individual entities involved in freight transport,” reads the announcement of the scheme.

The EU hopes that the aid will have an “incentive effect” as the beneficiaries would not carry out the investments without public support.