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New Dutch hydrogen HGV called Europa will have range over 1,000 kilometres

The new hydrogen fuel cell powered HGV produced by the Dutch manufacturer will be called Europa, the company has revealed. The zero-emission vehicle is designed as an answer to the most deployed mode of heavy-duty road transportation, the diesel 4x2 tractor unit. The first HGVs are said to have a range of more than 700 kilometres, the second edition will be able to cover more than 1,000 kilometres.

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Europa, which is “based on a proven chassis from a renowned truck manufacturer”, is claimed to be a “game-changer” in the transportation industry with its long range, sleeper cab, quick refuelling and the ability to pull an ISO trailer (13.6 m / 45 ft container).

The first vehicles will enter operation in Q4 2023 as 4×2 tractor units with 350 bar hydrogen storage systems.

With more than 50 kg of usable hydrogen on board, the vehicles will have a range of more than 700 km.

In late 2024, the truck will also become available in a 700-bar hydrogen storage version (>80 kg usable H2), pushing the range to well over 1000 km on a single filling.

The usable electrical energy content of the hydrogen after conversion is more than 900 kWh and 1450 kWh for the 350 and 700 bar versions respectively, the company states adding that infrastructure for 700 bar refuelling of heavy-duty vehicles still needs to be improved in Europe, making the 350 bar version the vehicle of choice for the first customers and interested parties.

The hydrogen-electric powertrain can also be fitted to other vehicle configurations such as box trucks, other axle configurations and cabs. The heart of the powertrain is a single zepp X150 fuel cell module, with the option to integrate further stacks and/or modules for increased efficiency and range, explains.

Europa truck designed specially for the Europan market

The Europa truck design is optimized for the European transport sector with strict EU regulations guiding its development. In most EU countries, the maximum gross combined vehicle weight is 40 metric tons. EU legislation increases this weight limit to 42 metric tons for zero-emission N3 articulated vehicles. Because the Europa tractor weighs less than 2 tons more than its diesel counterpart, it will offer a similar payload capacity.

“The Europa truck is another shining example of our commitment to providing sustainable transportation solutions to the market. We’re excited to offer a zero-emission, long-range truck that can compete with its diesel counterparts in terms of payload, performance and usability” said Kevin Schreiber, co-founder of the Dutch company. “And this is just the beginning. The integrated hydrogen fuel cell system X150 and our hydrogen storage systems are also available for integration by other manufacturers. We’re looking forward to their applications of our systems.”