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Europa Road expands delivery service to facilitate post-Brexit trade with Ireland

British road freight company Europa Road has announced the expansion of its Europa Flow service to include all daily routes between Great Britain and the Republic of Ireland. 

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The Delivery Duty Paid (DDP) service offered by Europa Flow takes care of customs clearances and paperwork on behalf of British companies. This eliminates the need for Irish importers to deal with customs procedures, potentially reducing delays and administrative burdens.

According to the Office for National Statistics, British exports to Ireland amounted to a significant £28 billion in 2023. However, recent reports indicate that overall British exports are still below pre-Brexit levels, the company explains. According to Europa Road, the increased customs bureaucracy is a key factor impacting trade with Ireland, Britain’s fourth-largest export market.

By using Europa Flow, UK businesses can expect faster transit times due to streamlined customs processing, reduced costs associated with customs clearance and paperwork, and simplified administration, removing burdens for both UK exporters and Irish importers.

The road freight company has already delivered over 300,000 DDP consignments to mainland Europe. A Scottish manufacturer reported positive experiences with the service, noting a significant decrease in administrative burdens for their Irish customers.

Europa Road has invested over £1 million in its Irish infrastructure to support the expansion, including a dedicated team in Dublin and a specialist customs brokerage service. 

The company stands by its service, offering a Money Back Guarantee for all Europa Flow shipments between Britain and Ireland: a full refund is ensured for any consignment that doesn’t meet the promised delivery timeframe.