Europe’s largest secure lorry park to be built in Denmark

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Europe’s largest secure lorry park is planned to be built in Denmark next to the E45 road. The parking area would accommodate 500 lorries and include many facilities, as well a hotel to spend the weekly rest.

The facility, which is scheduled to be located on the west side of the e45 highway exit between the highway and the West Road, will allow long-distance drivers to legally hold their weekly mandatory 45-hour rest.

At state rest areas in Denmark, drivers are allowed to park for a maximum of 25 hours, but due to the private nature of the Horsens Syd project, the same rule does not apply here.

Security would be provided by the security guards, CCTV, fences, number plate scanner and proper lighting.

At the 270,000 m² area, there would be fuel stations, a restaurant, toilets and bathing facilities, shops, laundry, a garage and a tyre fixing centre.

In addition, the facility would offer separate parking spaces for lorries with dangerous goods, electrical plug-ins for cooling units on trucks and also equipment for removing snow and ice from trailer roofs.

The plans were first presented in March 2020 and the industry have high hopes that the facility will prevent long-distance drivers from parking illegally along country roads and in industrial areas.

The idea-owner Michael Mortensen used to be a trucker himself, therefore he has the first-hand experience with driver life. If drivers have to park illegally on the roadside, “they do their business in the fence because they must stay close to the truck. We must solve that so that the industry can get a proper reputation again”, said Michael Mortensen at the time.

Construction is planned to start next year if the plan receives the green light from all parties involved. At the moment, the case is waiting for the support of the Minister of Interior.

Image credit @ HM Entreprenør