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Yesterday, in Tyrol for the sixth time in the last two weeks trucks were checked in blocks of 250-300 vehicles. The Austrians talk about success, while Germans and Italians complain about the losses suffered as a result of the measures introduced by the authorities at the border crossing in Kufstein.

While the Tyrolean government celebrates „big success”, German forwarders sum up further losses and criticize Austrians more and more vividly. The authorities in Tyrol stress that the block checks are necessary to regulate the traffic between Kufstein and Innsbruck.

Traffic jams in Tyrol a cause of serious losses

German forwarding company Dettendorfer speaks about high losses caused by the block checks. Long waiting times and traffic jams make it difficult to plan routes and plan the company’s budget. The head of the company, Georg Dettendorfer, told the portal that he lost 30 thousand euro only because of the checks, which took place on October 27 last year. He summarizes the measures as a waste of time, loss of money, detours and goods that do not reach the destination on time.

The Italian logistics operator Fercam, on the other hand, estimates that he lost around 100 to 150 euros per truck for the same reason.

Regulating traffic?

Interestingly, the Tyrolean police notice that the solution used in Kufstein aims at regulating the traffic of trucks, rather than blocking it. Trucks, as reported by the German transport portal, are not cleared in the block of 250-300 vehicles, but individually. This means that very often a multi-kilometer long traffic jams (up to 80 km) forms before the border crossing. Last year, trucks were checked three times in this way, while from the period from March to November this year the authorities planned 25 dates when block checks are to be carried out.



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