Eurotunnel’s Border Pass service aims to speed up border crossings in 2021

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Eurotunnel’s Border Pass service aims to speed up border crossings in 2021

As part of its ongoing preparations for Brexit, Eurotunnel Le Shuttle Freight is introducing a new service named „Eurotunnel Border Pass„, which it argues will facilitate easier border crossings come 2021.

According to Eurotunnel’s statement, the Border Pass shares information needed for border crossings between the transporter and Eurotunnel, and then between Eurotunnel and the border authorities. It is secure and digitised, and the truck driver does not even have to leave the cab or present any documents on arriving at the border.

Eurotunnel describe the Border Pass as a „virtual wallet” in which freight customers can save all the information needed to facilitate a truck crossing the border after January 1st 2021. This includes customs declarations for the goods being transported, as well as the sanitary and phytosanitary certificates and vehicle details (registration number) in a form acceptable to both the UK and French authorities.

How it works

Once the truck arrives at the Eurotunnel terminal, it enters a ‘Pit-Stop’, which Eurotunnel say is „an essential step” for the 5,000 trucks transported every day on board Le Shuttle Freight. Once the truck is in the Pit-Stop, the registration number is captured automatically using connected technology in place across the terminal. One swipe of the mobile device confirms that the truck has passed through with its documents in order.

Connection with the authorities

Eurotunnel say the virtual wallet is also integrated with the ecosystem of all of the UK and EU authorities. Once the truck has passed through, the information contained in the virtual wallet is sent securely to each of the relevant authorities; HMRC, DEFRA in the UK and the Douane (DGDDI) and Ministry for Agriculture (DGAL) in France.

Christian Dufermont, Eurotunnel’s Freight Director, believes their system will provide hauliers and lorry drivers with the „fastest and easiest” way to cross the border into the UK with their goods.

“Our customers know that 1 January 2021 will be a day of change. We have created the Eurotunnel Border Pass to simplify the border crossing for them, as much as possible, and they have welcomed it enthusiastically. Over the past four years, our goal has not changed: continue to offer our customers the fastest and easiest way to cross the Channel with goods, no matter what the circumstances”.

Photo credit: Ed Clayton / Wikimedia Commons

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