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Evri invests £1m in AI to improve customer service, security and operations

Evri has announced a £1 million investment in artificial intelligence to improve customer service, enhance parcel security, and optimise workforce planning.

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Evri’s £1m AI strategy will deliver a three-pronged approach to improving Evri’s operations. Firstly, it will focus on enhancing customer service by automating data collection and issue identification. This will free up customer service staff to tackle more complex enquiries, leading to faster resolutions and a higher quality of service.

Secondly, the parcel delivery company will leverage AI to improve parcel security. This will involve analysing data and delivery photos to allow for quicker identification of safe delivery locations and the detection of potentially fraudulent claims.

Finally, the AI strategy will optimise workforce planning by analysing data to predict future demands. This will ensure Evri has the right number of staff in the right locations at peak times, improving efficiency and delivery success rates.

Evri has partnered with AI consultancy Robiquity to establish an “AI Centre of Excellence” and recruit specialists to drive this transformation. Initial implementations of the AI strategy have already shown positive results, and Evri is exploring the use of augmented reality headsets to further improve courier training.

“Our significant investment in AI underscores Evri’s commitment to continuous improvement and innovation,” said Marcus Hunter, Chief Technology Officer at Evri. “This strategy will empower our people and optimise our operations, ultimately enabling us to deliver a best-in-class experience for everyone we serve.”