Executive Coaching during times of uncertainty

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Executive Coaching during times of uncertainty

In business, Leadership required to guide individuals and entire organisations with a strategy to meet corporate goals. Effective Leadership, particularly at high levels in the organisation, captures the essentials qualifications to inspire others and being prepared to do so. But guide others to excel; leaders need to find themselves being at their best.

Being at your best is not easy to achieve during everyday life and working conditions. Experts proved to be even more challenging under the current pandemic situation where stressful working conditions and uncertainty are causing higher levels of anxiety, loss of focus, and more severe cases, driving individuals into depression.

A recent paper indicated that the UK employee’s anxiety levels augmented during the last year by 240% over the same period as last year from 5% to 17%.   Boundary-negative emotions driven by job security fears (24%) and high workload (16%) are not sustainable for individuals to feel like this for long periods.

With so many persons remotely working, it is hard to detach personal life from work life, as for many of us, the two situations are now entangled. As a result, we employers need to go beyond only caring for employees’ work and to caring much more for the person as a whole.

Employers can take proactive actions to support their people with the issues of anxiety, stress and isolation in the following ways:

– Investing time, resources and effort to coach the decision-making team and chief leaders helping them to build resilience, prepare for the unexpected, and enhance assertive decision making.

– Decide on hiring an external Executive Coach or coaching firm to support our leaders gain self-awareness, discover hampers, explain goals clearly to accomplish their development objectives.

– Unlocking their potential and help them re-gain focus, re-shaping direction, and strengthening self-confidence to make priority calls by asking questions, challenging assumptions, and confirming objectives.

– Connecting on the personal and technical level shows emotional empathy to overcome the lack of personal interaction created by working remotely.

– Helping them manage their well-being, resilience, and productivity.

– Understanding those facing professional and personal challenges.

– Learning and growing together as leaders and employees from these experiences, which for many will be the most significant leadership challenge in their career.

CONCLUSIONS: Leadership, through a strategic challenge, can manage the dilemma between showing up authentically but vulnerable as a leader for your people or having a strong message of purpose and conviction, looking for delivering value both to the organisation and, above all, the employees.

Are you taking the right steps to support your leadership team?

How can you help them excel during this new reality?

Dave Food

Prophetic Technology

M: +44 7775 861863

Photo by Christina @ wocintechchat.com on Unsplash

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