Expanded Lorry park with space for 105 vehicles opens on Germany’s A44

The Am Haarstrang-Nord motorway service station on Germany's A44 motorway reopened last week following a year of reconstruction. The lorry park can now accommodate 105 lorries.

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The Am Haarstrang-Nord lorry park and rest area in the direction of Dortmund was expanded in the northern area. As a result of the works, more than 84 lorry park spaces have been added to the former park; there used to be 21 spaces for HVGs, now 105 can park there.

Moreover, there are also more car parking spaces (up from 35 to 76), plus bus parking spaces, a lane for heavy haulage and parking bays that can be used as e-charging stations in the future.

With the rapidly increasing volume of goods and with a consideration of rest periods for long-distance drivers, the expansion of rest stops is an important concern for us. Especially on the A44, which is the central east-west axis between central Germany and the Ruhr area” – says Elfriede Sauerwein-Braksiek, director of the Westphalia branch.

The rest areas of the lorry park have been redesigned and equipped with seating furniture. Also, the rest area is completely illuminated during the night to provide more safety.

In the lorry park area, an additional building for gender-neutral toilets is under construction and shall be usable in around a month.

The estimated construction time for the Am Haarstrang-Nord service area was originally two years. After the start in May 2020 and due to the good construction progress, the system has been completed much earlier. From spring 2022, the Westphalia motorway will also expand the Am Haarstrang-Süd service area in the opposite direction, practically identically constructed.

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