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Roadworks on the German A3 and A73 highways started last Friday. Both roads will be widened. Drivers can expect delays and traffic jams.

A3 and A73 near Nuremberg and Regensburg will be jammed in the coming years – informs the German press agency DPA. Both highways will be extended to 6 lanes. Construction works began this past Friday.

A 73 will be modernized on a 6-kilometer stretch in the south of Nuremberg, between the Hafen-Ost entrance and the Nürnberg-Süd motorway junction.

The A3 reconstruction will be carried out on 15 kilometers between the Regensburg motorway junction and the Rosenhof entrance.

A 73, as emphasized by DPA, is next to the A6, the most important axis of traffic in the south of Nuremberg. Traffic congestions occur on this route in the morning and evening. Renovation work will certainly disturb the flow of traffic for a while but will benefit the drivers in a long run. The investment is to be completed in 2020.

Daily, about 75 thousand vehicles pass through A3 motorway. According to DPA, the planned renovation near Regensburg will last at least 6 years.

You can check the current situation on the roads in Germany on the website of the German automobile club ADAC.

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