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Expect check-in delays at German ports

Danish logistics operator DSV reports delays in handling sea freight shipments in Hamburg and Bremerhaven, both before transit and during transit. Capacity bottlenecks and system disruptions at terminals are causing longer downtimes and more complex route planning. Additionally, repair works on the German A1 and A27 motorways are contributing to the delays.

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At the Eurogate terminal in Hamburg, handling trucks efficiently is currently a challenge. Waiting times for available slots at Eurogate range from 12 to 20 hours over several days. Furthermore, a software update at Hamburg’s Burchardkai container terminal is causing delays of up to 24 hours for rail clearance, along with severely limited truck handling.

“Infrastructure congestion causes shunting delays, meaning trains do not run at full capacity or have to be cancelled altogether,” DSV adds.

The situation is further exacerbated by the shorter working weeks caused by the holidays.

DSV warns in an announcement that “system changes or failures also occur at terminals, negatively impacting transport processes and causing additional costs. All modes of transport are affected.”