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Finding love is not easy, especially when you are a truck driver. Long routes are not helpful when you want to tighten the relationship. The Dutch program „Trucker zoekt Vlam”will help professional drivers find the love of their lives.

„Trucker zoekt Vlam”, which in free translation means „trucker looking for a flame” is a new Dutch internet program. Its formula is very similar to the well-known „Farmer wants a wife” TV series. First, we get to know the drivers. Then every person interested in getting to know a given trucker will be able to send a message to him. The first meeting of selected people with the candidate driver will take place in the truck cab. Only in the next stage will the truckers take their chosen ones on a regular date – to the zoo, to the cinema, for a walk or for dinner.

In the last episode, the so-called „License plate ceremony” will take place. The trucker in his cabin will reveal a plate with the name of the person, which enchanted his or her heart.

Candidates’ profiles

Seven drivers and one woman trucker applied for the program. Everyone has a clear goal – they want to find the love of their lives. „Trucker zoekt Vlam” is attended by people from different parts of the Netherlands. People with whom many Dutch people can identify. In the first edition of the show, we will learn about 29-year-old Chris, who runs a transport company with his brother, 23-year-old Dennis – an international driver working mainly around Europe, and 26-year-old Peter, who goes on a five-day tour and feels like a king in his truck. Among the male bunch was also 26-year-old Hanneke. For seven years she has been traveling on international routes, she is only at home on weekends. As she says, she is looking for a calm man who will accept her frequent absence.

A unique program

Truckers in the search for love will be accompanied by journalist Gwen van Poorten, who is known for running similar programs. As the presenter highlights – this is not an ordinary show. People who lead a specific, even nomadic lifestyle, take part in it.

As a partner of a truck driver, you must also be able to be alone. Truckers spend a lot of time on the road and are very happy when someone is waiting for them when they return home. Now the sun is still shining, but soon it will be dark again on the road. What we can do for them is to help them find love. This is the best Christmas gift we can give them – emphasizes the presenter in an interview with the portal.

„Trucker zoekt Vlam” will be broadcast on the internet. According to the authors, this is a much better solution than the traditional television program. Thanks to the loose format, the truckers, and people who accompany them will not get so stressed, and therefore they will be more authentic. In addition, any willing person who wants to conquer the driver’s heart will be able to send the application by e-mail, not a traditional letter. The creators hope that their mailboxes will fill up very quickly.



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