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Exceeding the speed limit, crossing a red light are punished throughout Europe and the driver who commits these offenses is aware of their consequences. In many European Union countries, however, seemingly innocuous behavior behind the wheel is punished … Do not be surprised by the policeman, check out the surprising prohibitions.

While domestic regulations are known to drivers, the reasons for issuing fines on foreign territory may seem quite peculiar. Here are some of the regulations you might not be aware of:

Resting your arm out of the window

You pay in Italy and Spain for driving with your hand stuck out the window. In Italy, the penalty for this offense is between 40 euro and 168 euro, although the local traffic code does not explicitly prohibit such behavior. However, Article 158 (4) states that „a driver standing or parking is obliged to take all possible precautions to prevent accidents and not to disturb other road users and not pose a road hazard”. In addition, he must always control the vehicle and be able to perform all maneuvers necessary for safety and a hand exposed behind the window may prevent it.

Likewise in Spain, where arm outside the vehicle is not directly prohibited by the Highway Code. However, art. 18 of the General Regulation on Road Traffic (Reglamento General de Circulación) indicates that a driver must have complete freedom of movement in order to be able to maintain safety. In Spain, drivers might get a fine up to 80 euro for sticking their elbow outside the window.

Incorrect footwear

Drivers who are going on a route to France or Spain should remember to put on the correct footwear. Driving a vehicle in flip-flops is an offense in both countries. In France, it can cost you 90 euros. In Spain, as in the case of driving with a hand stuck out the window, the driver can pay 80 euros for driving in unsuitable shoes. However, advance payment can reduce the amount of the fine to 40 euros. In Spain, the General Directorate of Road Traffic also refers to art. 18 RGC and restrictions on the freedom of movement of the driver.

Smoking and throwing cigarette butts

The General Directorate of Road Traffic informs that a driver may receive a 100 euro fine in Spain for smoking if he or she violates the article 18 of the RGC. The article states that performing actions that jeopardize safety on the road will be punished. The same applies to drinking and eating at the wheel.

In addition, in Spain, throwing cigarettes on the road or roadside is penalized with a fine of 200 euros and 4 penalty points.

Air conditioning at a stop in Italy

An interesting ban applies in sunny, hot Italy. If a driver turns on the air conditioning before embarking on the route, in Italy he may face a fine of 216 to 432 euros.



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