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The DSVA agents are soon going to issue fines for the offences related to the time of work and rest which were committed by a driver within the last 28 days.

From 5 March 2018 the rules of control in the Great Britain will be changed and the drivers of trucks, buses and coaches who drive without taking enough rest will be punished for each such case within the last 28 days – says the statement of the British agency DSVA (Drivers and Vehicle Standards Agency).

Even 5 fines

DVSA stressed that in accordance with the new rules the drivers can be punished with even 5 fines, 300 pounds each (1500 pounds in total) regardless of the country where the offence was committed. It’s all about breaking the rules determining the working time and rest. Please remember that on 1 November 2017 the Great Britain introduced the fines in the amount of 300 pounds for spending a 45-hour rest in a truck parked in an unauthorised place.

If the officials, upon inspection, find 6 or more offences, the matter will end up in court.

The new regulations will also apply to the foreign truck drivers. The offenders will have to pay the fine immediately after receiving it. Otherwise, they will not be able to continue driving and the vehicle will be immobilised.

Current law

So far the DSVA agency officials can only issue a fine to a driver caught in the act (for infringement on a given day or for an offence that is still ongoing – e.g. the tachograph manipulation). However, truckers could end up in court for violations from the past 27 days.



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