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The Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency (Väylä) will introduce new road signs this year. The Agency will withdraw the yellow horizontal marking lines and change the appearance of vertical traffic signs. Male figures in the road signs will disappear.

Väylä introduces the new symbols on 1 June this year, when 50 new signs will appear on Finnish roads, and a good deal of the existing ones will change their appearance. Signs for pedestrians, cyclists and moped riders are about to become gender-neutral.

Currently, some of them (e.g. the sign informing about a pedestrian crossing) have the image of a man. The new characters will differ in that the male figure will replace the symbolic outline of a gender-neutral human. Also, the male figure will disappear from the warning sign for cyclists, but the bike itself will remain. These changes can be seen in the following illustration:

As for the road markings, the solid yellow lines marking the areas excluded from traffic will be painted white. The changes will not happen right away – the process of changing the colour will last until 2023. The purpose of these changes is to improve „clarity and visibility of signs”. 

All new road signs that will appear on Finnish roads can be found on the Väylä website .

Photo: Pixabay


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