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In the Catalan town of La Jonquera, just off the French border, drivers will finally find a safe and secure parking space. The local parking lot of the OnTurtle (formerly Red Tortuga) network has been certified by the Technology Asset Protection Association. 

This is the first facility in Spain to be certified by TAPA. The parking lot in La Jonquera is monitored 24/7 by 35 cameras. Some of them are also equipped with night vision devices to guarantee safety at night. The parking lot is illuminated and fenced. You can enter the area only with an individual user code so that no unauthorized persons will get there.

In April this year, the OnTurtle network participated for the first time in the TAPA conference. More than 600 producers of consumer goods from all over the world are members of TAPA. Its aim is to minimise the risks that may affect or disrupt the supply chain. Safe parking is therefore crucial for the organisation, which is why it has also established a Parking Security Requirements (PSR) certification programme and introduced levels 1 and 2 at the end of last year. Previously, parking lots could participate in the programme only if they met the standards set for level 3, or they could become TAPA partners.

More secure parking lots

TAPA regularly publishes reports in which it records the number of cargo thefts reported by its members. They show that up to 70% of them occur in unguarded parking lots.

As announced by the head of the PSR department, Leonie Buthey Mathy, currently there are over 4,500 parking spaces in the TAPA programme at several dozen parking lots and this number will increase significantly.

We quickly noticed that TAPA members appreciate the value of PSR and reach out to their partners to promote the standard. By the end of 2019, we intend to create more than 120 registered facilities and 15,000 parking spaces and we hope to double this number by the end of 2020. If we manage to exceed these goals, it will be a fantastic achievement in the short time that PSR has been available and will give us a solid foundation for further expansion,” explains Mathy. 

Photo: Trans.INFO


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