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First Daimler-Traton-Volvo electric truck charging station opened in the Netherlands

Milence, a joint venture between Daimler Trucks, TRATON GROUP and Volvo Group, has started the construction of its first charging hub at Truck Parking Venlo in the Netherlands.

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The hub currently comprises four charging bays, with an additional four bays and the completion of the site design, featuring an internationally protected arch shape and roof, is expected in Q1 2024.

The new charging facility is equipped with two high-performance Combined Charging System (CCS) chargers capable of delivering up to 400kW of charging power. Milence has outlined plans for a rapid transition to Megawatt Charging System (MCS) technology when it becomes available.

The joint venture is strategically developing a network focused on establishing green corridors connecting key logistics hubs; the Venlo charging hub is the first step towards this, as it is strategically located for international trade, making it an ideal location for Milence’s first large-scale public charging network in Europe. 

Truck Parking Venlo is now one of the first secure truck parks in the Netherlands with a dedicated charging solution for electric trucks.

The company welcomes electric trucks of all brands at its Venlo site and all future sites. To ensure that every truck on the market is accessible, agreements are currently being made with several major e-Mobility Service Providers (eMSPs) in Europe. 

The company is also developing a user-friendly app for its customers, making it easier to locate chargers, monitor charging status and make payments. A booking system is being developed to improve the charging process.

Milence is introducing an initial direct tariff of EUR 0.4 (EUR 0.399) per kWh, excluding VAT and transaction costs. This tariff will initially apply to all Milence-operated hubs, with any tariff adjustments to be communicated through official Milence channels.

Looking ahead, the Venlo hub is the first in the Benelux region, with additional sites in Antwerp and Ghent planned for 2024 and 2025 respectively. 

Milence adds it has secured several sites along major European transport corridors, which will open in 2024. 

Anja van Niersen, CEO of Milence, expressed her satisfaction with this milestone:

The opening in Venlo marks an important moment in our journey to accelerate the transition to sustainable transport. With this first charging hub and our future roadmap, a reliable charging network open to all vehicles is now taking shape. We are delighted that our shareholders and partners have joined us today to give the market confidence that the journey to a fossil-free Europe has begun”.